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The raising of horses

Van Baalen Farms – Young horses is your professional, all-inclusive rearing stable located in Brakel, Gelderland. The perfect environment for your growing foal which is fully developed in accordance with the latest welfare standards of the FNRS, KNHS and 12 Horse Welfare Guidelines.

The modern rearing stable was built in 2020 opposite of the renowned Dressage Barn Van Baalen in Brakel. With the spacious and clean stables, year-round free-range to paddock footings of sand and the possibility to graze in the summer, your foal has complete freedom. Your foal is also in good hands thanks to our cooperation with a certified veterinarian and farrier. Van Baalen Farms – Young horses is the breeding stable of the future.

Your foal is provided with the necessary care 24/7.

Daily inspection of the stables and foals.

Monitoring the health and development of your foal.

Your foal will remain in the same group for as long as possible.

Excellent hygiene

Hygiene is essential during the rearing of your foal. Our stable is very spacious, so it provides a lot of fresh air. Even in the future hot summers, we will make sure that your foal is comfortable all day long. The stable is built on high grounds and is insulated. In addition, we ensure that your foal has a lot of free movement on a daily basis because there is a paddock of 10 by 30 metres adjacent to each group stable.

Modern Stable System

The modern stable system that Van Baalen Farms – Young horses uses, works to ensure that the stables are supplied with fresh straw on a daily basis. It goes without saying that your foal will be offered a quality ration which will be compiled by our nutrition advisor, and will consist of a combination of our own grass extraction and concentrates.

Health and wellbeing

The health and well-being of your foal will always be our number 1 priority. Van Baalen Farms – Young horses takes care of the daily checks of the stables, paddocks and foals. Initially, your foal will, therefore, receive a complete screening. This way, the professional basis is laid for monitoring the health and development of your foal.

Our stable

Your foal will grow up as much as possible in the same trusted herd. This contributes to a healthy socialisation. But of course, as an owner, you would also want to have the possibility of evaluating your foal individually, for sale or stallion approval to name a few examples. At Van Baalen Farms – Young horses you will have access to a drained box where your foal can move freely apart from the group.

At Van Baalen Farms – Young horses in Brakel, you know what you will be provided: quality, professionalism and a year-round fixed rate. Would you like more information about that rate, a tour of the raising stable or an introductory talk? Arie Jr. and Jacobine van Baalen will be happy to talk with you.